Radu Sporea

Dr Radu Sporea produces podcasts on electronic and engineering. He is a Royal Academy of Engineering Academic Research Fellow at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), where he has previously studied for his PhD (2010). With a background in Computer Systems Engineering and having worked as a Junior Design Engineer in the semiconductor industry, Radu is now investigating new ways of making electronic flexible, transparent and energy-efficient.

Radu has organised and presented talks at Cheltenham and the British Science Festivals. He has served as scientific adviser on the BBC Series “Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity” presented by Surrey’s Prof Jim Al-Khalili. He has performed on and presented at Café Scientifique, Science Showoff, and Bright Club.

Occasionally, he will write, present and produce short Science films, available on youtube.

Radu’s podcasts

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