Thinking Big: Evolution and the Human Mind


Podcast produced and presented by Craig Barfoot

What makes us human? When, why and how did the human brain evolve?

Professor Clive Gamble argues that it was not the tools that form the bulk of the archaeological record, but rather the social world within which our ancestors lived that drove the development of the human brain.

In this conversation with Pod Academy’s Craig Barfoot, he suggests that the evolution of the social brain tells us not only about human behaviour in the past but also about the importance of networking in our complex modern world.

Clive Thinking Big jacketGamble  is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Southampton. His work involves the study of our earliest ancestors and in particular the timing of global colonisation. This podcast focuses on his most recent book, Thinking Big: How the Evolution of Social Life Shaped the Human Mind.

The featured photo with this podcast is by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

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