Colours of memory: a conversation with Geoff Dyer


This podcast was presented and produced by Jo Barratt

This year marks 25 years since the publication of Geoff Dyer’s first novel, The Colour of Memory. Geoff is a multi-award winning writer who has written 4 novels and is also known for his essays. He’s been described by the New York Times as ‘one of our greatest living critics’

6968159862_3eabbd056b_oThe colour of memory series was recorded for Pod Academy at Birkbeck, University London at a conference dedicated to Dyer’s work.

In this introductory podcast the author sits down with conference convenor Bianca Leggett to talk openly and widely about his work and also hear from several experts on his work.

The following recording accompanies this podcast series and is Geoff Dyer reading two passages from his latest book ‘Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H.W. Bush’



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