Egypt: the ongoing revolution


This podcast is drawn from a lecture by celebrated Egyptian author Ahdaf Souief about the ongoing revolution in Egypt.  It was the annual lecture of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Kings College, London  and was held at the end of 2013.

The State Crime Initiative studies and records the violations of human rights by governments and other state actors – genocide, torture, brutality and also corruption, cronyism, economic exploitation and negligence.

Tear gas in Muhammed Mahmoud Street, Cairo

Tear gas in Muhammed Mahmoud Street, Cairo

As Ahdaf Souief makes clear, these things often go together, and overturning a criminal state is a long term and dangerous undertaking.



She takes as her starting point the events in Mohammed Mahmoud Street, one of the streets running into Tahrir Square, which has been the site of much police and army brutality, and where many activists have been killed, including Jika   .

On the day of the lecture, there were memorial demonstrations in the street, and Ahdaf had come from there to London for the the lecture.

Ahdaf is introduced by Professor Penny Green, co-director of the International State Crime Initiative.

A video of the complete lecture by Ahdaf Souief can be found here

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