Craig Barfoot

CraigCraig Barfoot is an independent journalist born in Australia but based for the moment in Berlin. His focus is on emerging ideas and he interviews authors, both well known and obscure, whose work contributes to the international debate.





Craig’s podcasts for Pod Academy:


3 thoughts on “Craig Barfoot

  1. Hi Sir, I am from Venezuela and i have listened to some of your messages I like them but I would like to have the scripts . Congratulatios is a great job….

    • Hi Leonardo
      We try to provide transcripts for our featured podcasts (though not for book pods). However, sometimes we just don’t have the person power to do a full transcript – if anyone out there would like to volunteer to do a transcript or two, we’d be very grateful,,,,,

  2. As an EFL/EAP teacher, I would appreciate it if you could leave some of your podcasts “transcript-free,” as our students need the training of taking notes and making listening outlines. If they can find transcripts, they’ll definitely count on the prints instead of taking notes. Then again, I suppose it’s really difficult to find an online audio that does not come with a transcript. But still, I’d be very grateful if my humble request can be heard.

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