Tatiana Prorokova

Tatiana Prorokova is one of Pod Academy’s Academic Editors, whose podcasts – Gender Ambiguity in Vietnam War Films and Hostis Humani Generis: enemy of all mankind – have attracted a lot of attention on the site.

She is a Doctoral Candidate in American Studies at Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany. Her Ph.D. project analyzes the representation of U.S. interventionism from 1990 onward and American culture of imperialism in film and literature. Her book and film reviews have been accepted for publication in U.S., Canadian, British, and German journals. She has been presenting her papers in various academic conferences worldwide. She has also participated in the Salzburg Global Seminar (Austria, 2015) devoted to the problem of America’s changing role in the world. Her research interests include U.S. literature and culture in the 20th and 21stcenturies, film studies, war studies, U.S foreign policy, U.S. interventionism, U.S. culture of imperialism, American exceptionalism, visual culture, race studies, and gender studies.

Tatiana received her M.A. in English and American Studies from Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg, Germany, and a Teaching Degree in English and German from Ryazan State University, Russia.

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