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Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind us Music and Resistance Cyber sovereignty: The global Domain Name System in China Autism – police practice needs to change ‘It’s a war zone now, here’ Otherworldly Politics – how science fiction can help us understand realpolitik Prison – Does it work? Can it work? The next big flood – Britain underwater Debating donor conception 10 years after the removal of anonymity Marxism and the Oppression of Women Gender Ambiguity in Vietnam War Films The Arab Spring – a premature celebration Slang: a ‘dench’ podcast Making the best of a bad Job: An introduction to the life and work of Wilfred Bion The use of the whip in horse racing Horse Racing and Animal Welfare: Horse deaths over jumps Journalism and its audiences Hostis Humani Generis – enemy of all mankind? Rape Pornography – winning a change in the law Digital tailspin: rules for the internet after Snowden Did fashion drive the industrial revolution? Creating an Economy for the Common Good Women’s Legal Landmarks Field Marshall Lord Roberts VC Inequality: What can be done? The Butterfly Defect: How globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do about It Sugar, sugar everywhere Urban Smellscapes Pitt Rivers Collection: The rainforest music of the BayAka Marxism and the environment Au pair wanted: look after children, do shopping, walk dog, clean house, cook, teach violin – £50pw The Social Life of Money Football and Culture Greece, Austerity and the European Monetary Union Pits and Perverts revisited: ‘Pride’ the movie, and politics now Christmas Truce 1914 Comics: unrepentantly in the gutter? The Star-Spangled Banner Faulkner Networked: Regional, Indigenous, Trans-Pacific Future Readers: Narrative Knowledge in the Anthropocene Petrochemical Gothic: True Detective and the Energy Unconscious of American Studies New perspectives on US Studies: Technologies of Crisis The economic cost of violence against women Ecofeminism Treating autism: the promises, perils and politics of pharmaceutical intervention Being a feminist barrister Virtual Economies – what can they teach us about the real world? Happiness by Design: finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life The odoriferous 18th century Thinking Big: Evolution and the Human Mind Understanding school bullying Colours of memory: a conversation with Geoff Dyer The High Life: Living high up Neuroscience and Social Science: Experimental Imaginations Transmission: A Conversation with Hari Kunzru Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): new research, new hope? Football: racism in the beautiful game Economics and Everyday Life – Part Two Economics and Everyday Life – Part One In search of a moral compass: the role of schools in developing ‘character’ Urban smellscapes 20 years after the Rwanda genocide: a survivor’s memories 20 Years after the genocide: Ethnicity and democracy in Rwanda 20 years after the genocide: Religion and reconciliation in Rwanda What does it mean to be dyslexic? Big study looks at impact of child poverty in Peru, India, Vietnam and Ethiopia Shamans and Sacraments: the meaning of rituals The death of print in a digital age Egypt: the ongoing revolution Why does America still have the death penalty? The Philippines – providing a workforce for the world Female Genital Mutilation – is zero tolerance the right approach? Dag Hammarskjöld: assassination or accident? Mindfulness: a new/old treatment for depression Ethnomusicology Exercise: we just don’t get enough Reading for Real? Children’s literacy in religious settings On the wrong end of globalisation: The Kolkata slums Rewriting Addiction Clasificadores of Montevideo: cleaning up a way of life? UN in DRC 2: The challenges of the UN’s new offensive approach Pitt Rivers Collection: Reel to Real On the offensive – the UN forces’ new mandate in DRC Education in Vietnam and India – huge differences in achievement Drones: the law and ethics of drone strikes From Syria to Hurricane Sandy – verifying crowd-sourced news Me, myself, I: changing gay male identity White working class disengagement from politics Lives through a lens – cinema memories No great mind ever existed without a touch of madness The rise of the new left in Latin America Turkey – protests waiting to happen Anosmia: lives without sense of smell The precariat – the making of a new class Living Apart Together Nightwalking Don’t say gay! Introducing children to alternative sexualities Divided Nations: global challenges, global governance Asylum seekers and the media French troops in Mali – another example of Françafrique? The Iraq War – was it worth it? Freedom of speech: the right to be offended A Demanding Job: youth unemployment in the UK The Spirit Level – why equality is better for everybody EMPIRE: The features of American global power Body language and speed dating MPs’ expenses scandal – little impact on elections Fixing drugs Leveson Inquiry – the backstory Scientific families Titanic: re-telling the story Does Christianity still make sense? A Guide to the Syria Conflict It’s hard to be critical these days…. Poverty What makes us healthy? Religion and identity: the young atheist’s handbook Back on the road to Wigan Pier Hip hop: The global voice of revolution? Nawal el Saadawi – writer, activist Sound-bites, u-turns and populism The state and future of the pub What does it mean to be British? Forgotten fiction Left-handedness Trials and tribulations – war crimes tribunals A philosophy of everyday things Changing contours of world order Gender violence in south Asia Change ringing Cultural hegemony vs. linguistic diversity Researchers’ Night Improving children’s mental health Feminism and the law Young girls’ friendships