About Pod Academy

Pod Academy is the new sound of academia.

An independent, not-for-profit platform for free podcasts on academic research, it was set up by a group of academics, journalists and IT specialists and aims to inform public debate and uncover intriguing and challenging new ideas.

We are always looking for interesting new research, including research that throws light on events in the news. We work with researchers to develop entertaining academic podcasts that are accessible to the general public, as well as rigorous in their scholarship.

To help you dig deeper, we provide transcripts of interviews, as well as opportunities for listeners to comment, and links to more detailed findings, research on similar themes and relevant websites.

We offer an eclectic mix of educational podcasts, from our four faculties – Arts and CultureBusiness and Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science and Environment.

Pod Academy is a showcase for new research and a resource for business, NGOs and the public sector nationally and internationally – keeping them up to date with research findings.

The Team behind Pod Academy

Pod Academy is run by a small core team

We also have an advisory group made up of academics, journalists, academic publishers, IT experts and university communication specialists:

Our producers

We have a group of freelance producers who make the programmes.  If you would like to join the team and produce your own academic podcasts, email us at thepod@podacademy.org